6 Things You Should Not Pressure Wash

6 Things You Should Not Pressure Wash

Though pressure washers are effective tools for removing build-up dirt, algae, and greasy stains from surfaces in your home’s interior and exterior, the high-pressure water can also be harmful to some items. What’s more, using a 2 in 1 power washer can also force water into cracks wreaking havoc on specific mechanical structures and electrical systems. While there are obvious objects that you know you cannot power wash like living things, other items around your property are susceptible to damage if pressure washed. Therefore, before pressure washing anything, you need to go through a list of the items you should never pressure wash.

List of things to avoid power washing

The article has highlighted some items that tend to get damaged when you power wash. So, it would be best to employ other cleaning techniques for these things.

1. Gutters

Most people hate cleaning gutters because of the built-up grime, leave, and dirt. Although tempting, you should never use a pressure washer on your gutters as it is too powerful. The higher pressure could damage the downspout or, even worse, pull the gutter from your structure. Experts recommend removing dirt from the inside of the gutter by hand and rinsing it off with a garden hose.

2. Outdoor light fixtures

Though outdoor lighting like porch and lamppost lights can withstand harsh weather elements, they are not designed to resist the greater pressure steam of water oozing from the power washer. Power washing the fixtures risks forcing water into crevices and causing electrical components damage. Furthermore, the high-pressure water could break glass bulbs or remove the fixtures from their mounts.

3. Windows

Power washing windows may seem okay, especially if you cannot access your second-floor windows. However, it is a bad idea. The greater force of water will break the fragile glass panes. Plus, you will have a big mess of broken glasses to clean. You should ask for guidelines for washing windows from professional window cleaners.

4. Asphalt shingles

Never power wash asphalt shingles roofs as it will damage the roof and cause leaks. The high-pressure water will strip off granules from the shingles that protect your roof. Moreover, the greater force may break the shingles if your roof is older. As a result, you will experience leaks, leading to structural rot and mold growth. It is also dangerous to use a pressure washer on high grounds. The powerful pressure could throw you off balance and cause you to fall from the ladder.

5. Lead paint

Among the things you should not pressure wash is lead paint. Lead paint contains toxic substances, so it should be removed carefully and disposed of safely. A power washer blasts away lead paint into the air and environment, risking exposure.

6. Air conditioner

Air conditioning units contain metal fins that help filter air before entering the system. A pressure washer will bend the delicate fins, restricting airflow into the air conditioner. It would be best to use a soft brush and garden hose to rinse away dirt from the unit.


Most people love to clean with pressure washers during summer. Steer away from these things when power washing things in your home to avoid damages and costly repairs.